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Nakita Baby Book

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This application requires Java suport.
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Many common names already belong to someone else, so you may have to try combinations with numbers or underscores to find a nickname that is not already registered. (For example, if Susan is already registered, try _Susan_ or Susan111 or combinations like that).

With mIRC, you can tell the program what to do with commands. ALL commands start with the / so if a command does not work, check first if you included the /. If you get on IRC and it tells you the name you chose is already been taken than you can try other nicknames with the command /nick nickname

If you want to see if a nickname is already taken, use /nickserv info nickname

If the nick is not registered, you can use it, and even register it yourself, so no one else can use it. Once you've found an unregistered nickname you can register it by using the command /nickserv register password

Choose a password you can remember easily and DO write it down so you can always use your nick. If you forget your password, you have to wait 21 days. If a nick is not used after this period of time, it will lose its registration. Ops cannot retrieve your nickname password for you.

The command /nickserv set kill on will prevent anyone from using your nickname and turn their nick into "guest" after a minute if they try by accident. Next time you open mIRC, fill in the nickname space with your new nickname. When you first log on, use the command /nickserv identify password so that nickserv knows the right person is trying to use the nickname. If you do not manage to write the command in time, or there is a delay between nickserv and you and it turns you into a Guest, you can always try a couple of minutes later, with the /nick nickname command and then identify after that. If you are an Op (a moderator), make sure you do this before you enter the room.